Monday, August 5, 2013

BitCoin vs BigBrother - fighting or containing

As more news of the surveillance of the BigBrother are published daily and as
we understand that privacy is gone for 99.9% of the web users. We need to ask
how can we still protect our freedom?

We are demanding freedom in the constitution, free thinking and free acting as
ong as we do not harm the other. I would like to focus on the freedom to act.  as
in our modern world acting means using money to buy or change things around us.

But now we find that our money is not free ... and we are not sure that it is ours anymore.
Today keeping large amounts of money means using banks. Money that seats in the bank
is yours under condition. The BigBrother is the real owner of the money in the bank. He can 
boycott it or freeze it he can decide to tax it or charge you for using it.

This power of the BigBrother is dangerous for our freedom as we know from our history
that the BigBrother can go bad.

Free people must take action to limit the power of the BigBrother in legal way while keeping
and protecting the valuable aspects of the democratic system. ( Anarchy is the worst thing
for freedom, as in anarchy the strong and violent will prevail and personal freedom
will be gone).

Bitcoin can limit  BigBrother's power as nobody can take it from you. they can hunt
you and imprison you but you can still hold your key and hold to your money. That makes
BitCoin a real alternative for our Dollars and Euros.

How can we make it a real alternative for real life trade and commercial use?

To answer that we have to understand what makes the BigBrother and the banks so afraid.
Let us start with the banks, they are going to loose billions in lost commissions they hate the
idea of free banking. This is why banks worldwide deliberately make problems in transferring money to BitCoin projects.

The second is the BigBrother, well they have a stronger reason. Stopping Mafia and Terror money. Most people will agree with this idea (well I do). To protect our democratic nations we need to fight crime and terror.

So does this reason kills BitCoin?

No it does not if we make the right steps toward global economy rules.

What are the rules that will make BitCoin more acceptable to the BigBrother?  
User ID is the answer!!!

User ID will make the BitCoin an acceptable alternative the governments and we will be
able to approve it use in world parliaments.If your wallet has a User ID it's can be
acceptable by the tax authorities. It can also be used for invoicing when working with
commercial partners.It can be used in courts to prove payments.

As the BigBrother have Prism in one hand and User ID in the other every transaction of
BitCoin is traceable the BigBrother will have it's security  requirements and the people
will have their free currency.

BitCoiners,  add the wallets with an User ID and make a major move into mainstream trade.


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