Sunday, July 14, 2013

Killing cash money - BitCoin to the rescue

Killing cash money - BitCoin to the rescue

Banks and credit cards companies all over the western world are promoting the idea of canceling the Cash money. The idea is being promoted with a noble reason, this will stop the undeclared cash trade and will gain two goals:
Crime money can not be used in large scales.
The government taxes revenue  will be higher, the government will have more money and will be able to lower the taxes to all.

It is a nice story to tell the people but it is only part of the story. Let's look at the advantages the banks and the government will gain on the back of the simple citizen.

1. Citizens will have to use banking services that will charge them for every action they make with their  own money. Charge them for credit line and more. meaning it will cost us to use our money.
2. The government will be able to take your money from the bank, tax it or freeze it. You are not in control or the owner of your own money.
3. Every action or purchase will be known to the BigBrother, so personal privacy is a dead idea.

Well, the BigBrother wishes to keep you under his hand, controlled and disciplined in a way  mankind has never been before. From the dawn of history man used gold, silver and commodities for trade. men could use or hide gold.  In bad times or if the government acted against the citizens, they had the capital to run away with or to finance uprising. In a way man was the owner of his money.

Today the governments and banks are declaring that citizens money can be used only if it fits their rules and ideas (most of them are good and most mankind agree with them).  You will not be able to buy things the BigBrother doesn't  approve (gambling,buying cuban cigars, buying bitcoins and so). most people say this is reasonable and bearable price to fight crime.

But what will happen if the BigBrother goes bad. We will not be able do anything about it. Look at Sirya,  will somebody dare to finance or support the rebels using credit cards ?
How long will it take the BigBrother to close his account and find him?

The American constitution grants citizens the right to bare arms, why? well this is the American way to make sure civilians can stand against the government if it goes bad and act's against man's freedom and rights. In present economy, money is impotent as weapons to be able to stand for your rights on public opinion in courts and in politics.  Taking cash money out of the system will weaken the citizens against the government.

It is important that free people will have the ability to act without the government's control. This is what makes the free world free. We have to guard our right for cash money. It is one of the signs of free society.

Today it looks like BitCoin and colored BitCoin in special can protect free men worldwide from the BigBrother control.

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