Sunday, July 7, 2013

How Prism surveillance program will help BitCoin become a mainstream currency

How Prism surveillance program will help BitCoin  become a mainstream currency

Now that we know that every country makes cyber surveillance on it's enemies and on it's own citizens (Iran, China, Israel and the USA) and we understand that this ability of the BigBrother is here to stay and will  even grow as every smartphone is a personal surveillance and tracking device and all our actions are revealed and traceable.

Now we can choose  between the two options:
1. Leave the cyber world to protect out privacy (Can you imagine that?) 
2. Accept that the cyber world is an open poker card game and  find how to enjoy it's benefits and beware of it's risks. 

BitCoin transaction history is always open to the community and We can trace every BitCoin to it's day of creation.
Services who try to hide the history can not prevail against the power of the BigBrother, if you are a target he will trace you.

The Question we need to ask is how this benefits BitCoin trade?

Today the image of BitCoin trade is of anarchism and crime, Mafia money and going against the system. 
Well BitCoiners, Prism faded away the glamor of rebelling against the system. BitCoin trade is not an hiding place for black money. Accept that and we can move the the next evolution stage.

Now the true power of the BitCoin system can be reviled. It is an amazing system form of payments and handling your money by yourself free from the world banking system. It is reasonable to believe that in the future countries will issue their own currency based on the BitCoin technology and  will fit it to the world trade by implementing rules and regulation of tax reporting and personal authentication.

BitCoin leaders, Do It Now. you can make it become a main stream system by making the wallets match the regulator rules.
Brake the resistance of the law and banks by making the system a real alternative for legal commerce and trade.


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