Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Anonymity concept is holding back the Revolution

The Anonymity concept is holding back the Revolution

Many BitCoiners are holding the idea that the Bitcoin system will help men to
stay Anonymous in front of the BigBrother. The idea was right and beautiful but
it is a dead idea in reality.

These days No One is really anonymous for the BigBrother.

News about the Prism systems revealed what was a known secret, governments
are surveilling their citizens and all other real or fake enemies. The BigBrother has
the best tools to do so and this advantage will always remain against  the normal
citizens. (only really good hackers can stay Anonymous and only for a while).

Understanding and accepting this should not stop the Bitcoin revolution.

This understanding will enable us to look at all the advantages that Bitcoin
can bring to mankind.

- Worldwide commerce free of banks.
- Third nation people will be free from dictators that control the banks and will
  be able to conduct parallel economies.
- Governments will not be able to sequestrate your money (they can jail you
 but if you hide the key it’s untouchable).

By accepting the idea of "Verified ID Wallet"  we gain a door to worldwide 
market of individuals  and firms  that can trade and connect above the banking 
system. Instead of wasting time and be on the run from the law we can make 
a real commercial revolution.

For some Bitcoiners it will feel like aiming lower but I believe it’s great,
it’s the real gospel.

Colored  BitCoin

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